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Forbidden Flower 3.5g CBD Flower 1ct. Jar

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SPECIAL SAUCE (RR2) - This fresh-cut northern pine green hemp is another tantalizing hybrid hemp strain. Following in the foot-steps of Girl Scout Cookie and Lifter, this Oregon favorite has a dessert-like aroma that is a very common genetic amongst the RR family. Her buds tend to bloom in a rich green and is complemented by fiery orange hairs. This euphoric flower is bread for relaxation, but many find themselves still mentally productive and creative when enjoying Special Sauce during the day.

HOG - Being a mix of Hindu Kush (indica) and Afghani (indica), its strong smell usually makes the headlines. With an impressive full-bodied CBD profile, Hog will leave you in awe. This extremely rare indica strain is pure satisfaction and is one of the few indica strains you can feel comfortable medicating and not feel physically drained. This light-orange haired crystalized hemp strain is sweet in smell and smooth in taste.

LIFTER (RR1) - Nice sweet flavor. Very uplifting daytime strain. This pure hybrid hemp strain is a get up and go type of flower. Its taste is earthy and full, with a hint of citrus lemon. It's smooth inhale creates a relaxing sense of contentment that keeps your go-with-the-flow vibe strong. Experience an indica and sativa mix at its finest!

AWESOME BLOSSOM - Awesome Blossom, parent plants T1 and Berry Blossom, is a floral & aromatic strain of hemp producing colorful buds with a rich, complex palette. Awesome Blossom retains the best traits of its parents: heavy yields, robust terpene palette, colorful buds & leaves, and high cannabinoid content. Notes of raspberry and cherry will leave you with a sweet flavored wanting more.

SUVER HAZE - This sativa dominant hemp strain has a diverse terpene content made from a hybrid of Special Sauce and Neville’s Haze. These dense buds are traditionally grown for it’s high resin which gives it a high cannabinoid and terpene content. The flavor is earthy with a hint of orange to balance out the overall experience.

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Awesome Blossom

Suver Haze

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