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Aqua CBD Drops Vape Juice 600mg 20ml

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Aqua CBD Vape Juice is brought to you from the shores of sunny southern California. A company who initially made its name in the traditional vape market, Aqua E-Liquid is a brand beloved by many for its clean and fresh flavor blends. Led by the ever popular Pure, Aqua CBD Vape Juice presents isolate CBD vape juice that is perfectly tailored for flavor as well as reliability. The clean and crisp flavor blends take center stage in this line-up and for good reason. The team at Marina Vape has put years into honing the art of flavor blending and the results shine through. Creative and refreshing blends such as watermelon strawberry apple, and perfectly sweet and sour watermelon offer just a hint of what awaits. Vaping CBD is a growing trend among CBD users in no small part because of the delicious flavor options that are available. Aqua CBD Vape Juice brings a stellar cast that is sure to satisfy even the most demanding of palettes. CBD quality is the other piece of the puzzle and once again the team at Aqua does not disappoint. All hemp used in the manufacturing process of their CBD isolate is sourced exclusively from American farms and is always grown organically. All products are third party lab tested to help ensure consistency and transparency across the board.

Drops – A tasty rendition of your favorite pack of assorted colorful sweet treats, mixed with a CBD isolate.

Momentum – A mouth-watering rendition of your favorite chewy mango sweet treat delight, blended with a CBD isolate.

Pure – A trifecta of fresh strawberries, juicy watermelon, and sweet yet tart apple blended with a CBD isolate.

Rush – A flavor-packed rendition of your favorite blue raspberry sweet treat blended with a CBD isolate.

Swell – A rendition of your favorite flavor-packed juicy, sweet and sour melon treats blended with a CBD isolate.

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